Redefining the Tea Experience

Our Story

Tea has enriched the lives of people for thousands of years, bringing together communities and individuals with its unique taste and incredible health benefits. Inspired by this tradition, Mara Tea set out to continue the legacy by creating top quality and delicious speciality teas with 100% natural ingredients for a modern tea-drinking experience unlike any other.

Our aim is to benefit both the people who craft our teas and our customers who drink it. By supporting local, small-scale farmers, and always sourcing for quality over volume, our passion for ethically-grown and top calibre tea guarantees a diverse, rich-tasting product that never disappoints.

Our Vision

To be a world class company that offers quality tea products and works continuously to improve the lives of our farmers and customers.

Our Mission

To ensure that all resources are efficiently utilised in providing the best quality tea for our customers.

Why choose us

We are completely committed to ethical tea production.
Our ethical farming and labor practices means that all our products are produced without harming workers or the environment.



We are innovative and continually seek new and efficient methods of production to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Highly productive


We are highly productive and engage in efficacious ways of production using state of the art machinery that will deliver products in the most cost-effective manner.

Our range of teas


We offer a wide range of high quality teas including black tea, orthodox tea, purple tea, and green tea

We Are More Than Just Tea

At Mara Tea, we are intensely aware of our responsibility for ensuring environmental protection and sustainability for future generations. We’re dedicated to making business decisions that reflect our commitment to creating a difference in the world, our nation, and our own backyard.

We work together with local farmers to help create a more sustainable approach to high-quality tea production. Together, we strive to:

  • Produce premium quality tea with high yield to meet existing and future customer needs.

  • Enable local communities to protect and improve their well-being, quality of life, and environment.

  • Ensure that any adverse effects on soil fertility, water and air quality, and biodiversity from agricultural activities are minimised.

  • Minimise our environmental footprint.

  • Serve as a leader in corporate social responsibility in both our industry and within our global society.

How We Do This

Social responsibility and sustainable farming has always been an integral component of our business philosophy and we seek to protect the quality of life of our farmers and customers through:

  • Controlled and safe handling/use of pesticides

  • Addressing hygiene and Good Agricultural Practice with all our farmers

  • Use of briquettes instead of firewood for our boilers

At Mara Tea, we strongly believe in the principles of corporate social responsibility. Our aim is to achieve commercial success whilst still maintaining ethical values and respect for people, communities, and the natural world in which we work and live.

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